iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus May launch in 2016 report says :


iPhone 7 Plus

Apple is of course working on its next-generation flagship iPhones, presumably to be called the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. One rumor is that the devices will be fully waterproof, building on the partial water protection of the iPhone 6s.

Apple may also switch away from a fully-metallic chassis, possibly integrating the cellular antenna in the process.The new models may be so thin that Apple is considering removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, which would limit people to using Bluetooth or Lightning connections for headphones and speakers.

Both the 7 and 7 Plus are expected to use even faster “A10” processors, but the 7 Plus could potentially sport 3 gigabytes of RAM — one extra — offering more than just a bigger screen size as an incentive to buy.

Perhaps the most radical claim is that Apple wants to ship the devices ahead of its usual September launch window. It’s not clear how much earlier that might be, and September is still a possible date.

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