Google’s fiber phone service

Google’s Fiber Project , may launch a phone service soon :

google's fiber project

Google’s Fiber project, which was launched five years ago to provide broadband internet and cable television, may soon start a phone service soon.

Although available in select locations, the Fiber offers internet speeds up to 1 Gbps while downloading or uploading data and TV service also offers DVR (digital video recorder) capabilities.

Previously, Google had wanted to start voice services but the project was stalled due to complications in local regulations but now the company has started sending invitations to select users from its Trusted Tester Programme who would try out the new features, services and report back to Google about any issues or concerns they might have faced while using the service.

Called Google Fiber Phone, the new feature integrates feature from Google Voice and will have features such as a unique number that will be stored in the cloud. Users can use that single number as a landline or as a mobile device while on the go.

The new feature will include a voicemail service which could transcribe the messages to be sent over e-mail. There will also be spam filtering, call screening and do-not-disturb features, so users can get the calls they want at the right moments.

In order to use the service, users will be provided a new number or they can transfer their existing landline number or cell number. The users from the programme who actually got selected to test the service will have some additional equipment installed by one Fiber team member.

With the addition of this service, Google would become a triple-play provider, so it can better compete with other cable companies and take it a little further with its Fi programme which works on carrier networks.


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