youtube bringing Live 360-degree videos

YouTube’s live 360-degree videos  you can see Soon :

youtube live 360 videos

Google’s video sharing and streaming platform YouTube is quietly developing the ability to livestream 360-degree videos.

YouTube has been in talks with 360-degree camera manufacturers about adding support for more immersive live-streamed content but the launch timeline is still unclear, Buzzfeed news reported quoting multiple sources.

As augmented and virtual reality becomes more mainstream, the live 360-degree video feature will become the company’s next growth area in terms of new content in a different format. Earlier, the company had launched support for Google Cardboard that allows users to convert smartphones into basic headsets to watch content followed by the launch of 3D videos in November which can only be seen via the Cardboard.

Also, it hired a virtual reality expert to recruit more content partners to develop VR content for its platform. Live 360-degree video would be perhaps the biggest step the company has taken since first launching support for the format.


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