Apple has been selling iPhone VR headsets

apple selling gadgets

Apple has been hiring virtual reality (VR) professionals and CEO Tim Cook has responded to questions about VR by calling it cool and not a niche. Cook said that he saw potential in the technology as a mainstream medium of entertainment.  

And with news from Apple pouring out of all faucets, some people were excited on finding a VR headset on Apple’s online store.

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The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack is a Gear VR or Google Cardboard -like device that lets you view 360-degree content by docking an iPhone in it.

Retailing for $30, the device isn’t the most affordable option, but comes packed with preview reels that let you demo experience packs.

Space, Destinations, and National Geographic: Wildlife are some of the apps meant to Tim Vibe used with the VR headset for an immersive experience.

Apple however, has already acquired VR companies and has been selling VR headsets for a few months reported The Verge.

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