iPhone 5 se launch looks similar, iPhone 7 rumours says

iphone 5 se rumours

The iPhone 5 se is set to launch at their event in March. As the due date gets closer, the rumour mill is churning out everything from hints about the smaller iPhone’s colour options to patents for upcoming iPhones.

Here are some of the exciting new updates about the upcoming iPhones:

If a patent filing is taken into consideration, navigating Apple devices won’t require touching them.

The patent describes “proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation” — a technology that uses proximity and touch sensors to detect if there’s something (like a finger), close to the screen even if it isn’t touching it. The patent also suggests that the feature will support multi-touch.

Another patent talks about 3D touch on the home button. By arranging electrodes underneath the home button, it will be able to detect pressure like the screens of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can. It can then be used to do multiple functions depending on how hard you press the home button. A touch could mean unlock, while a press could mean reply and a harder press could just take you to the home screen.


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