Upcoming Smart car in 2016

Der neue smart forfour, 2014The new smart forfour, 2014
Upcoming Smart Car of the year. CES will dedicate record 200,000 square feet, equivalent of 3.5 football fields, just to cars

At 200,000 square feet, up 25% from 150,000 last year, automotive technology will take up a record three-and-a-half football fields’ worth of space at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

While it still may be a few years until we see fully autonomous vehicles, there has been recent movement from both a technological and regulatory standpoint that might help make 2016 a stand-out year for smart-car tech.

In December, reports suggested Google and Ford Motor Co.F,+3.40% could join forces to create a joint venture that will develop self-driving vehicles with Google’s technology, while in California, regulators unveiled a proposal that would require licensed drivers to be present to operate an autonomous vehicle.

Driverless driving is “almost ready for prime time,” said mobile app developer Appetizer Mobile’s CEO Jordan Edelson.

It will take a few more years for cars to become fully autonomous, but 2016 will likely be a year of partnerships between tech companies and auto manufacturers as they work toward the development of fully-autonomous vehicles, Edelson said.


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