Facebook Money transfer feature coming soon

Facebook money transfer

Remember the time when you were irritated that Facebook had created a separate Messenger app and there were no substitute for the app if you wanted to chat with a friend? Think again!

It seems that Facebook has bigger plans for Messenger like including features like chatbots, videos or something as useful as transferring money.

Although the feature is only available in the US currently, it is expected to go live soon. Here are a few steps to show how to send and receive money via Messenger:

Step 1) Payments on the app requires a debit card on both ends of the transaction but there its no attached cost to use the service. It offers PIN-based protection and what Facebook claims are “industry-leading security” standards. To get started, you need to add your debit card first. To do that in the Android app, you will need to press the profile icon and then scroll down to payments to add the card. In the iOS app, you will need to tap Settings, then Payments. Tap Add New Debit Card and complete that process.



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